Race organiser

To make Valencia the best race in the world, the very best runners need to be at the start line. My job is to convince them to run in Valencia.


Talks, conferences and TV commentator. I like being on the stage sharing my knowledge and creating engagement.

NN Running Team

I am the slowest in the best team of the World. And I am proud of it. I run the marathon in 2h18’ and the half marathon in 1h04’.

Online training

Using the Runnea Academy app, I offer online training to both, new and experienced runners. With distances from the 10k to the marathon, you can get the perfect plan for your goals and dedication. The artificial intelligence will adapt the training schedule that I design to your own progress. I will be with you in this project and I will make sure that one thing is above all: the injury prevention is the key of the program.

El libro de la maratón
(only in Spanish)

This book summarises all you wanted to know about the marathon race: its origin, its most famous runners, the best races in the world… and how to train for it.

Corre como un etíope
(only in Spanish)

My first book was written after living 6 months in Ethiopia. I explain my impressions and my research about some of the best runners in the world: how they train, how did running become so popular and what to do and visit if you ever travel to Ethiopia.
Corre como un etiope Mockup copia