Marc Roig Tió

Marc Roig Tió Kenya experience Training Race organizer Pacer

Enjoy Kenya

Kenya is the land of runners and the Rift Valley is their training ground. The sunrise at 2000 meters or more above sea level has a very special color. Breathing isn’t easy but it’s not always due to the lack of oxygen; sometimes it is the surrounding beauty what makes you breathless.

Race organiser
There was a day when the Valencia Marathon decided to become the best marathon in the World. Since 2019, my job is to choose and select the top international runners that will run in Valencia to help us achieve this goal.
Member of the NN Running Team
Every team has its “lanterne rouge”, its less talented member. At the NN Running Team, I am that person. I am the slowest in the team (even some ladies run faster than me), but I am a key piece of this project, a training mate of Eliud Kipchoge and Geoffrey Kamworor (when they are jogging easy).
Tailor made training programs
My 20 years plus experience as a runner and the several coaching courses I have attended, make me capable to help you achieve your athletic goals. If you want to run fast and avoid injuries, I think that my method can be useful.
I am not a writer but I know very well what I am saying when I talk about running
I have written two books about running and Africa (in Spanish, at the moment). Would you like to read them?