Kaptuli road

Kaptuli road

If Moiben road is the most famous one to train in Kenya, the Kaptuli road is the second one. And they are neighbors. When travelling between Eldoret in Iten along the C51 road, Moiben road starts on the left while Kaptuli road, does on the right.

Kaptuli is a typical center at a crossroad in the Rift Valley: a petrol station, some grocery shops, an agrovet, a hardware… From there, in an almost perfect straight line towards the South, they stretch the 17 kilometers of flat tarmac until Naiberi (at the junction with the C54 between Eldoret and Kaptagat). The tarmac is very new, since 2018.

Jonathan long run

Along the route, from North to South, it crosses the center of Kosin and the impressive residence of the vice-president, as well as several schools. And, although the asphalt has increased the activity in the region, the number of cars passing by is still small. This is, among other reasons, a good option to make it a training venue for many runners.

If the goal is to run fast, the best option is to start in Kaptuli, at the Northern part of the road. And, if the goal is to go even faster, the best advice is to turn right after 10 kilometers and run towards Ilula. Doing it this way, the slopes are more favorable and the splits can be extremely fast considering that the run is performed above 2000m. I did it once in a fartlek session with Julien Wanders’ group.

This same road is the one that Geoffrey Kamworor used to make his 10.5 section for the 2020 MA RA TH ON challenge, an event organized by the NN Running Team. Although Geoffrey doesn’t load his trainings in Strava, this session is visible and you can see not only that he averaged 2’51” but also his CR in the segment called “From Kaptuli 5 kms before the crossroads”. I wonder if anyone will ever remove him from the top. In contrast. I am at position 30.

My group in Kaptagat used to run this route before it was tarmac. It was one of our favorite ones to run our 40 kilometers long runs. In our case, we used to start in Naiberi and, to be able to turn at the 20 kilometers mark, add a short extension around Seko Girls High School. Since 2021, this extension has also been tarmacked.

Compared to the Kaptarakwa route for long run (a route that we call Boston), this one of Naiberi-Kaptuli is considered flat and used to mark our best times in 40 kilometers. But, as you can guess, I am not going to publish times here.


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