Kessup falls from the air

Kessup falls

Iten, the town of runners, is also attractive for hikers. The village is far from the famous national parks but surrounded by beautiful nature. Among all the attractions, the main one is the escarpment above the Rift Valley. And, thanks to that orography, there are lots of waterfalls.

Kessup falls is the easiest and closest one to hike from Iten. It’s much less spectacular than Torok falls, but it is suitable for bathing all year round. Getting into its waters is, in my opinion, the biggest attraction of it.

Kessup falls dry season

During the rainy season, the water level and current strength are high. It’s a must to be careful and only swim in calm basins. Calm basins can be found at the upper part of the Kessup falls. In contrast, the risk is low during the dry season, and almost every stretch of the river is suitable for bathing (if there is enough water).

To reach the Kessup falls, the trek can start at the top part (beginning at the Kilima Resort) or from the bottom (from a small church along the C-51 road, just after the Kessup Secondary School). Both treks are short. So short that it is possible to plan a circular route.

Trek to Kessup falls

I did the upper route some years ago when it wasn’t fancy to record GPS tracks. I did the one from the bottom just a short while ago with my family. For this second one, I have the track at the bottom of this page. It is short, steep, and offers some breathtaking views on the way. It is doable for everyone.

Lastly, but not less importantly, the trek will allow you to see monkeys. Yes, monkeys. The most common ones are the blue monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis). The prettiest ones are the colobus (Colobus guereza abyssinicus). At first, it is much easier to hear them than to see them. Jumping from one top branch to the next top branch resembles a whip in action.

Trekking Kessup falls


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