Moiben road

Moiben Road

Moiben road is the most famous one for long distance runners in Kenya. It has segments that are among the most used ones for runners and riders who train around Eldoret and Iten.

Fartlek Moiben Road

The road is named C50 and starts as a deviation from the C51 (the Eldoret-Iten road). It’s just above the 2000m above sea level and it’s mostly flat, with slight downhill as you progress away of the C51. Just before Moiben town, the C50 continues to the left, towards Ziwa (a section not yet tarmacked), while the “Moiben road” continues straight and surpasses the homonymous town.

For long time, the road was made of well compacted murram. I did many trainings there on those times. But since 2019, the renovation started and now the tarmac reaches much further than where you can run: Moiben, Chebororwa… Luckily, the amount of traffic is still small and, although you need to take care of some drivers, running through Moiben Road is pleasant.

Strava has some segments on this road. Uno of them is called “Champions almost 8km” and has something else than 7,5 kilometers and only 11m of climb. At the moment of writing this post, the male CR belongs to Julian Wanders who run at an average of 3’01”. The female CR was set by Irene Cheptai, at 3’22”. According to the social platform, my best effort was on February 16th, 2019 (during an 18k tempo run) where I managed a 3’20” average. My rank is 31 out of 309. You can check the segment and the leaderboard in the following link:

By bike, the principal segment was created by me. It’s a not-so-hard hill that lasts 7,7 kilometers with a 2,3% gradient. The name is “Moiben climb”. It’s the approach to Moiben from behind. In a common training session for riders, for example, the route goes through Moiben Road far away and back. Then, on the way back, the segment created welcomes you to Moiben. For now, this segment has only 17 registered cyclists. But the numbers will grow with the visible increase in popularity that cycling has.

Outside Strava, because not everything is in it, you can hear about amazing training sessions that have happened in the Moiben Road. Renato Canova might be the coach with more sessions following athletes pursuing unbelievable times. I have done some of those sessions with Florence Kiplagat, for example. And I have also seen Abel Kirui and Sondre Moen finish a long run of 45 kilometers. But, if those sessions are not in Strava, I won’t be the one publishing the results.


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