Chororget to Sego

Trekking from Chororget

The Rift Valley is ploughed with paths that connect the higher lands, around 3000m above sea level, to the bottom, situated at barely 1000m. From Chororget to Sego Safari Lodge is one of the many possible excursions and, maybe, the one that ends best.

Chororget is a small center standing between the towns of Nyaru and Kaptarakwa, along the newly paved road that connects Nyaru with Iten (C53). Its altitude is 2720m and offers amazing views towards the Kerio Valley (the name of this section of the Rift Valley). Moreover, one of the best attractions of this trekking is that you can see your destination during almost the whole route, even from the very beginning. Look for a few buildings that share the same reddish roofing structure and you will know where you are going and how, slowly by slowly, you are getting closer.


The Sego Safari Lodge is one of the very few hotels present at the bottom of the valley. It might not be the best one but maybe the first one built. It has comfortable rooms, a restaurant that serves especially goat meat (which is the basic farm animal for the families living in the valley) and a swimming pool which, surprisingly, its water is always some kind of greenish.

The trekking can be divided into two very different sections. The first one is easy, the second one is challenging. In total it has a descent of 1400 meters in only 11,5 kilometers. Until almost the kilometer 7, the path is wide and even cars can pass by. Motorbikes and people are common, transporting farming goods the first ones, going to work the second ones. Shambas (small farms) are common on those high fertile lands.

Strava route Sego Safari Lodge

During the first part, the descent averages an incline of 10% and almost no rests at all. When a flat section arrives, at around 2100m above sea level, a left turn is made and the easy part is over. The wide part continues until Simit and then Muskut, but the route is too long to follow it. Although it will be less demanding in slope, the total distance until the destination would be around 20 kilometers.

When taking the left turn around that 7th kilometer point, the route becomes less evident. The wide path becomes a narrow trail and, occasionally, it crosses private properties or plantations. The general advice to reach the destination is to keep going down through the most evident trail and, when meeting someone, to ask.

During these less than 5 kilometers until Sego Safari Lodge, the descent is about 800 meters. The slope is steeper than 20% on many occasions. The surface is slippery and the presence of stones is high. If sunny, the heat is almost unbearable and the possibility to find water on the way is none.

However, being careful and not rushing, the trek is doable for almost everyone. I went with my family, from my dad who is above 70 and my children, the youngest being only 3 years old (although it’s true that she was on my warms once in a while).

When reaching the end, the Sego Safari Lodge offers a rewarding combination of food (mostly goat meat), cold drinks and a refreshing bath at the swimming pool.

The way back to the starting point was done by car, hiring a matatu in advance to take us up through the Flourspar route. A trip of more than two hours that shows how useful the paths ploughing the Rift Valley are.

Sego Safari Lodge


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